Why Do A Wedding Butterfly Release?

Many brides today are opting for a wedding butterfly release for after their ceremony, as opposed to throwing rice or releasing doves. To release butterflies for a wedding means to order them beforehand, receive the shipment of boxes of butterflies, and care for them properly for the day or two before the wedding that you’ll have them.

This isn’t very difficult and typically can be handled by a friend or family member. A wedding butterfly release is very romantic and something that everyone enjoys, including the children, and is less risky than releasing birds and less of a mess than throwing rice! So how do you a butterfly release for your wedding ceremony?

Ordering the Butterflies

Of course you’ll need to make sure that the venue you choose will allow such a release; typically it’s not an issue if there is a large enough space outdoors. Some city locations don’t allow a wedding butterfly release because there is not enough surrounding nature to support the butterflies, but of course you’ll need to check beforehand.

You can order the butterflies from any number of companies online. They are typically packed individually in boxes that are meant to keep them calm and inactive for the time period during shipping. Rarely does a wedding butterfly release harm the butterflies, if you follow the guidelines for keeping them safe.

Releasing the Butterflies

For a successful butterfly release for weddings make sure there is at least 30 minutes of daylight left as they need to find a place to roost for the night. The weather needs to be warm otherwise they will not fly away. Butterflies are delicate so if any land on a guest it’s good to not “flick” them away but just gently nudge them and they should fly off.

Remember that some butterflies can get quite large so you want to be prepared when they’re released; let guests know so they’re not startled as of course butterflies don’t always fly away as birds do. If you keep these quick points in mind you will have a successful wedding butterfly release at your event!

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